“Download this gun”: 3D-printed semi-automatic fires over 600 rounds | Ars Technica.

When I first heard about “3D Printing” I didn’t realize the impact it could potentially have.  When a technology is brand new it’s often hard to overlook the limitations and see the potential, but now parts of machine guns can be created at “home”.  It still takes a pretty high end printer today but it won’t for long.  It’s hard to not consider what this might mean for people in the future.

Cooperation comes easily but thinking makes us selfish | Ars Technica.

That article got me really thinking about what that means for humans as a people.  Over the past 100 years we’ve increasingly moved away from collaborative working towards competitive.  That’s also been a move away from fulfilling and satisfying work.  As people become more selfish and greedy they pull even farther away from what actually makes them happy… connections with other people!