A Flower for Your Thoughts

A Flower in the Garden

Since we last spoke I’ve spent about 4 weeks on a jury, among other things.  The jury was a great experience, even if it was tedious at times (man, the wheels of justice do turn slowly, don’t they?), and I wish people wouldn’t try so hard to get out of jury duty.  You just don’t get experiences like that every day.

I also got a new camera to play with… a Canon G9.  The official reason for the new camera is to take lots of obligatory pictures of the new baby when he arrives, but in the meantime it’s just a new toy.  The picture above is my favorite one so far.  It’s the “look I got a new camera and I went into my garden” type of picture you see all over but I like it anyway.

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So what have been your opinion on the new camera till now? I have been planning to get this one too. I have read some reviews around, and getting another one from a new user is always helpful.

– Sandip

So far I’m liking it. This is by far the most advanced camera I’ve ever owned so I’m not really a photographer, but the quality of the pictures is definitely a big notch up from the Canon SD800 I also have. It’s not up to DSLR level, of course, but for the size it’s very nice. I’ve been playing around with some of the modes and both the macro Av mode (like I used to take the flower picture here) and the SCN Portrait mode work pretty well for the kinds of pictures I’ve been interested in taking. Full Auto works great as well, of course.

One thing to consider is for about 2/3 the price you can get 80% of the camera by buying a Canon A650 IS. It can use all the same add-on lenses and may even have the same sensor. I think the main things you lose are the RAW support, the hot shoe for a separate flash (I plan to get one), and the cool black metal case the G9 has.

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