I just found myself thinking about Dell after I noticed how prominently their products were being displayed on the set of 24. It was pretty much an even heat with Apple, which is interesting. Then I started thinking about what a match with Dell and Apple would be like. What if Dell started suddenly selling only computers with Apple operating systems on them? I pondered that for a moment and then realized Apple doesn’t care about that business and neither does pretty much anyone else. Dell is becoming king of a crumbling empire. Desktop computers are a thing of the past. Of course, if you look at Dell’s product lineup you’ll see that they know it as well. They sell a lot more than computers these days.

So, I’ve heard this all before of course, but for some reason I didn’t quite believe it then. I just couldn’t see how you could possibly do all the things I do with a computer without it. But now I realize that wasn’t really the point.

At this point, I could probably live for quite awhile with just my Treo and iPod. I mean, of course I could live forever without any of my belongings, but I could probably continue living basically as I do now for quite awhile with just my Treo and iPod. If I had to pick one, it would be hard… the Treo would definitely help me continue to make a living, but the iPod would keep me sane. Anyway, I bet lots of other people are just like me… this is the beginning of the end of our attachment to desktop computers.

So, now I’m starting to think about what part of this newly emerging technical world I might want to play a role in.