The holiday season is in full swing yet again and it’s passing along quicker than ever. I think it’s during the last few holidays that I’ve started to really notice the effects of aging and turning into a full-fledged adult. I’ve been legally an adult for quite awhile now, but you really are still a child in many ways until you hit your late 20’s (and I’m sure some would say late 30’s or late 40’s) … and that’s not at all a bad thing. I like being an adult or whatever, but I also miss being a kid. Life was so full of possibilities then… and life is so full of complications now. Or so it seems. Life is probably actually full of more possibilities now than it was 7 years ago, but I guess it’s full of lots of obligations and hesitations now as well.

Anyway, during the holiday season is when you are required to consider what kinds of things you might appreciate receiving as gifts. It’s also when you are required to hang out with family members, adults and children alike, and make chit chat. During family chit chat moments, the differences between the children and the adults is clearer than at any other time. Other differences are clearer as well, but that’s the one that’s come to mind just now. The adults mostly talk about serious, boring stuff. Stuff that used to seem so serious and boring is now oddly interesting, yet still not as interesting as the things I thought about it when I was a child.

Well, anyway. Ramble away.