Home and Disoriented

I arrived home safely after nearly 40 hours of continuous travel/waiting around. It’s very nice to be home but I’m still feeling a bit groggy and disoriented a few days later. I’ve begun the process of going through my pictures and will put some up soon. There’s some nice ones in the bunch, I think! I’m back to work and trudging through my backlog. That’s always a nice thing to come back to after a vacation.

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Why Udupi!?
Stumbled on your blog while searching for something Udupi. You went to India for couple of weeks and went to Udupi – that is cool. My parents are from Udupi and I went there couple of years back.

Anyway what made you go to Udupi?

We went to Udupi mostly for the Krishna temple and for the legendary food (which ended up being good, but not incredibly amazing). There weren’t a lot of other foreigners there but we saw a few around. The Rough Guide made Udupi sound interesting, but the Lonely Planet guide hardly mentions it at all, strangely. Our guest house was right next to the temple and that was very cool. All the local people we met in Udupi were friendly, too.