I ride a bike to work and back most days and though it can be tedious some days, it’s still fun most of the time. I have this cruiser bike and I had thought it might not be possible to ride it with no hands after my initial experiments failed miserably. When I was a kid I was able to ride a 10 speed with no hands with not much effort. It turns out, though, that I just needed a bit of practice! I have now begun riding as much as possible with no hands. I can sometimes make it for several blocks down my street before a dangerous intersection makes it pretty vital to use my hands for my own safety. Schweeeet! I ride among cars pretty much every time I’m out so I have to be careful, but I’m getting better at it all the time.

2 thoughts on “I love riding a bicycle with no hands”

  1. Nice!

    I also ride to work every day, and sometimes with no hands, too :- )

    It’s all a matter of practice… But at cross-roads it’s safer to use the hands, so you can quicly brake or make a turn – one never knows…

    I’m riding a mountain-bike with 24 gears and a front suspension (100mm, oil+spring). For the city I live in and the road conditions (road hole upon road hole, everywhere), it’s the best choice you can make. It’s a pity they don’t make 4×4.. I mean, 2×2 for bikes :- DDD

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