In Udupi and Feeling Fine

After traveling for about 24 hours total including two trains, a couple of auto-rickshaws and a few hours of waiting around in between, we reached the temple town of Udupi. Our guest house is basic but clean and costs 100 Rupees per night for a double room with its own bathroom. A similar room cost 3 times as much in Hampi. The guest house is right across the way from the beautiful Krishna temple. We have found ourselves here in town during the time of a festival and we caught a fun procession of an Elephant, a sort of parade float “car”, musicians and people. We also joined into a crowd of people going into the main temple to take some peaks at the carefully guarded temple idols. Non-Hindus are often barred from entering a Hindu temple so it was a nice treat for us to go inside during this festival time. I have many pictures and some video of the temple and surrounding buildings.

We have not yet decided if we are leaving town this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Either way we will be heading for the beach town of Gokarna for the remainder of my time here (only a couple more days!). From Gokarna, I will have a very long 36 hour or so trek back home. Fortunately, my stomach bug seems to have passed and I am much happier eating the local food.

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