I’ve had an iPhone since the first day they came out but I had never used one regularly to listen to music until recently. Overall it’s nice but it’s not all roses.

What I like:
32 gigabytes is enough space to be really useful.

On-the-go Genius mixes are awesome! I thought it was a gimmick when they came out but it works great. I pick a song at semi-random in the morning and have similar music all the way to work and back, and it changes daily.

Listening to that genius mix while reading my day’s RSS feeds on Byline.

The little pop-up iPod control overlay is handy.

And what I don’t like so much:
It’s hard to change the volume by feel. I think I’d be happier if I was using headphones with the integrated controller. I’m going to get a set.

I’d prefer the headphone jack on the bottom so the button would be easier to reach in my pocket. As it is now I find myself having to flip the iPhone over a lot. Maybe I’m dumb, but I find it awkward. This comes up when I want to see what song is playing and the iPhone is in my jacket pocket.

I noticed that my complaints are both about the physicality of the device and not about the software at all. I guess I might prefer the headphone jack on the top when using the device as a phone so maybe it’s just hard to fill both roles.

3 thoughts on “iPhone as iPod”

  1. Dallas

    Any updates on replacing Lighttpd with NGINX?

    Would be great for us on a Private Server and are tired of having Lighttpd leak memory like a firehose

  2. Hi Bill.. Funny you should ask that!

    Nginx will be available next week, actually. Not much longer! As for the lighttpd memory leaks it seems to be related to how we’re using it as a proxy so we’ll probably be swapping out the proxy portion of the lighttpd setup with something else… perhaps even nginx as goofy as that sounds.

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