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Kellogg’s goes Organic

While at the local Safeway super market the other day, I spotted this bastard product on the shelf. Our San Francisco Safeway has started carrying more and more organic products in the last year or two and they now have their own organic generic brand. I don’t know if that’s the case in all Safeways or just ours. It’s nice to see bigger markets getting involved in organic, and they’ll probably keep doing it now that they know they can basically mark their organic products up 50%.

Well, anyway… now Kellogg’s is making organic Rice Krispies and Raisin Bran! WTF? This might be a good thing but it might also be just another sign of the term ‘organic’ gradually becoming mostly meaningless. First Wal-Mart goes organic, and now Kellogg’s. Who next? Budweiser? Philip-Morris?

The world just gets weirder, don’t it?

(oh, and sorry it took me two weeks to update. I’m helping to plan a major event!)

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