I just saw the 1983 movie, The Outsiders. It features a whole slew of people who went on to become stars. It’s the story of a rivalry between the poor greasers from the north side of town and the rich socs (as in ‘social’) from the south side. Everyone but me had already seen it, I think.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the value of life and the importance of living each day as much like you want to as you can get away with. There’s always going to be things you don’t want to do that you just have to do, but there’s also going to be plenty of times you can spend any way you want. Make those ‘any way you want’ times really count. Appreciate what’s around you and take advantage of it.

Ok, sap off. The movie also reminded me of my own high school experience and the lines between different people. Those lines didn’t need to be there, but I guess in some ways they just made everyone a little bit more comfortable. That seems ok to me as long as you see the lines for what they are and don’t come to rely on them. It’s like training wheels on a bicycle… they keep you from skinning your elbows, but they also look sorta stupid and make an annoying noise while you’re riding your bike. So, just think of the training wheels.