I went to see A Perfect Circle play at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco last night. The Bill Graham Auditorium has long been known to me as a place where the Grateful Dead played many times. It turns out it’s located right next to the City Hall building. Weird.

Anyway, I was at the show by myself as I was meeting a friend there. We didn’t meet up until after the show, but I met a few new people. Oddly, the first people I met weren’t very familiar with Tool. How could that be? I thought people who liked A Perfect Circle were mostly just Tool fans looking for more of their fix, but I guess not. A Perfect Circle has their own fan base separate from Tool.

The show was fun. Maynard Keenan seemingly has long hair now, but he still doesn’t like to be very close to the crowd… He doesn’t even look at the crowd most of the time. He did talk to us, though… he called us ‘stoned hippies’ because everyone knows that’s the only type of people who live in San Francisco.