I want a personal audio cloud so I can have music surrounding me all the time.  People within 3 feet of me would also hear the music so we could listen together.  It wouldn’t emanate from me, but would just be around me in this cloud so my companions would hear it as the same volume as I do.  People farther away would not hear it at all so it wouldn’t bother them.  It would also have an option to let other people relay the cloud so anyone within 3 feet of them would also hear it.  That way a larger group of people could all hear the same music.  This would be awesome for things like bike riding in the city where you don’t want to wear headphones that obstruct your hearing.  It would also be awesome for hiking.

4 thoughts on “Personal Audio Cloud”

  1. I remember using the CD listening stations at Fry’s some years ago. They were essentially 3-foot diameter hemispheres that were mounted a few feet directly above where you stand, and the music was projected downward. From just a couple of feet off to the side, you couldn’t hardly hear it, but when you stepped under it (you didn’t have to duck – as it was plenty high enough) all of a sudden you were immersed in the sound. Getting one to follow you around is a bit trickier, although I see no reason why you couldn’t mount one of those on your bike or backpack. Might be a bit bulky, though. Perhaps the parabolic reflector could open up like one of those vegetable steamers or have petals that unfurl like a cartoon satellite antenna. Then at least it could a little more compact.

  2. Yea, I had same idea but in different form. I was thinking of the sound wall (invisible of course). As R&D engineer (mechanical-electrical) field I found the different gases, because of it properties, can really decrease volume/noise. And so far I have no idea of using any other way of making ‘cloud’, except different gases because sound propagate as pressure wave.

    So far I don’t know how electromagnetic field can effect pressure wave but I doubt that it can stop it. But even if it stops the sound (so you can play your own inside the cloude) you’ll have to expose yourself to electromagnetic field… and so on.

    Anyhow, very interested music, blogs, wood-balsa… ;))

    stay well.

  3. Great idea, especially the relayabilty. Sparks visions of impromptu concert gatherings where the songs ripple around the crowd changing with the mood. Yeah.

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