A friend of friends from Ashland, Oregon named Random Rab was playing nearby last week so I grabbed a buddy and headed out on a Thursday night. The crowd was a bit small, but enthusiastic and the place had a good vibe overall. Rab went on at about midnight starting out with a sort of hip-hop techno song with his own vocals in parts. It was a lot of fun and set things off well. He continued through a set varying from the hip-hop style to breakbeat, techno house, and maybe even a touch of trance at times. The songs varied quite a bit in tempo, but the basic sets of sounds and structures were similar. He did a good job of building energy throughout a song by layering different complementary parts and the dancing crowd seemed to have a good time all around. Overall, Random Rab plays a good energetic live set and is worth checking out if he’s playing in your area. He has a full length cd available as well.