I’ve been thinking more and more about going back to school lately. In some ways I’m just getting tired of the day in-day out working life, but I’m also starting to feel like I need to be in a more academic environment again. I feel like I’m stagnating and not having a chance to breathe deeply.

So far the hard part has been trying to decide what to study. I don’t think I really want to study any more computer science, though I could probably manage it ok. I’m leaning towards and electronic music program now. I think that might be just the sort of thing to get my juices going again.

2 thoughts on “the path back to school”

  1. i can relate to that somehow… the army thing’s kind of like a day job for me now, and routine is boring and tiresome. i really want to go back to studying. and i’m going to! next year!

  2. It’s funny to think about the army as being just another ‘job’, but I know how it is because my mom was in the air force for my whole childhood. She was just one of the wheels in the big machine. She didn’t kill anybody or fly airplanes or anything.

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