Second Full Day in India

JPM and I are now in Pune (pronounced Poona) after spending yesterday in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). A four hour train ride brought us here. We had the best meal so far earlier today and we got a bit of a view of the mystery that is the Osho International Meditation Center. Do some quick research on that if you’re interested. It’s the most foreigners we’ve seen in one place by far, and they all wear the same maroon robes while wandering around near the place. Strange mix of east and west, third world and first.

We plan to spend a few days here, but may leave sooner if we run out of things we want to do. India’s major cities are severely polluted with difficult to breathe air and undrinkable water. Beggars are everywhere and extreme poverty is never very far from view. There is also a growing middle class of Indians that dress and act much like someone from Europe might. It’s a clash of worlds unlike anything I’ve seen before.

From here we will be moving on to a village called Hampi near some supposedly very impressive ruins of a city that was destroyed after being a major capital for several hundred years. I’ve never been good with specifics but you can look it up on Google or ask me when I get back. Until next time…

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sounds like a really neat experience! i’m looking forward to seeing some images of the places you are visiting. take care babe!