When I’m on a website and I have to pick my country from a long list of countries of the world it really bugs me when it’s 100% alphabetic and United States is way down the list below Uganda. I KNOW people from the United States must be a lot more prevalent on ANY website than people from Uganda. I’m not saying United States should always be at the top of the list, but I do think the most common choices should appear at the top with the full list below. I apologize to people in Uganda!

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s says:

No friggin’ kidding, dude. The most annoying one to me is UPS (not surprising, since UPS is annoying in nearly every possible way). They set a cookie to remember which country you want, and the expiration date is a year out, but for some reason I have to re-choose my country ALL THE TIME anyway. Argh!!!

Mike says:

It seems a little behind the times that they need to ask at all. Use a little Geo IP action, then if necessary, just include a “Change Country” link someone on the site.

I agree with S on the UPS site… I don’t think I’ve gone there more than 3 or 4 times without having to choose my location again.

Ben says:

That is selfish, not just “self-centered”!… Really, sorry for this. Alphabetic order is the fairest one. I don’t believe that someone, i.e. in Afghanistan bothered many years ago to call that country Afghanistan, because it will list first in a drop down menu on a website. And, please, don’t scream about usability, I am among those people, that like you have to scroll down on that list. But…
Oh, ok, thats enough. Just I wonder, ever tried to find an answer to the question why other citizens of this planet think about us as arrogant and pathetic Americans?!
Just my 2 cents. Freedom of Speech; right?!

smartass says:

A tip: when you display the drop-down list, press the key “u” followed by “n”. Your country apperas without scrolling and searching. Magic!

Pete says:

Here in Australia, I don’t seem to have that problem?

knowhow says:

There is nothing more annoying than to manually choose for a country in a dropdown menu. There is plenty of solutions available (free) to detect visitors IP compare it with a monthly updated IP database and display the country flag automatically. I highly recommend for the free database.

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