Since I got my Tivo a year or so ago, I’ve been increasingly interested in the little recorded pieces of whatever show the tv is on right before the Tivo changes channels to record something. It’s usually the very end of some show or some bit of a commercial and it lasts for about one or two seconds as the channel is changed and then changes (it’s an annoyingly slow process). I’m also interested, though slightly less so, with the bit of the last commercial of a commericial break that you see when you switch back from double-fast-forward to play. It’s usually just the punch line and it’s sometimes pretty funny when taken out of context. I have a theory that the people who are in charge of timing the shows and commercials will start to figure out how to make sure us Tivo people always catch most of the last commercial. Anyway, I’ve started calling these little bits of tv Tivbits, which is sort of short for Tivo Tidbit. If you’ve ever thought about this phenomenon yourself, please let me know!