You Call me and Put me on Hold?

Twice in the last two days my home phone has rang and I’ve daringly answered it only to hear a robot tell me to wait until a human has time to talk to me. What kind of shit is that? It should be illegal for a company to call me and put me on hold immediately. They should be paying humans to sit there and wait for ME! I deserve that!

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Same Things Happens
Same thing happens to me all the time I just graduated high school my sister still has another two years. On with the story, there is a phonebook/dialer machine at school which calls for announcements, one day it was set by our newbie computer teacher who gets viruses on her computer daily (which we have to clean up), well she somehow managed to set the phonebook/dialer app to loop over the weekend. So for the whole weekend the machine called everyone who went to the school (350ish) kids. We actually unplugged the phones that the ringer couldn’t be turned off during the night.

It also convinced my dad that we should get caller id 😀

About a half a year later a fuse shorted in the power supply and we were forced to fix that nightmarish machine.

Oh yeah, can’t forget about your point. It goes “please wait” for a couple of seconds before it plays the message.