We’re ok, but not satisfied.

The world has fallen apart and we’re doing our best to keep the things most important to us together. The people closest to me are all doing ok, and I’m very grateful for that. Things could be much worse, but that’s not enough. The people we have elected and put in charge of our greater well being are letting us all down.

All that said, life moves on, and we are adapting to our terrible and ridiculous situation. We are learning how to be together from afar, and learning what and who are most important to us. I am happy that I’m able to share some music and bright some days.

The Battery in San Francisco invited me to do a live DJ stream through their Facebook page, along with my good friends Bósa. The video is up on Facebook and on Twitch, but this is the complete audio from that night. I had a great time, and was able to share some new music I’m excited about.