Some scientists in Russia have figured out how to use all of that blood thrown away by slaughter houses all the time. They have a process to turn blood into imitations of foods like coffee, chocolate, and milk. They apparently do not differ in taste from the originals and they can be metabolized twice as fast… hmm.

3 thoughts on “Russian Scientists Turn Blood into Chocolate”

  1. Hrm
    Sounds a bit gross at first thought, but then again you’d be surprised at some of the stuff that goes into food or other products. Ever tried counting the number of items in the average household that include ‘urea’ as an active ingredient?

  2. Blecch!

    Sounds gross at second, third, and fourth thought to the vegetarian contingent out here!

    Fuck, man, this’ll make one more thing that you gotta scrutinize the ingredients before chowing on! It’s such a bummer. “Oh, milk and coffee, that’ll be clean!” GUESS AGAIN, CHUMP! Bwhaahaha! The fuckin’ Man, man…

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