The Broadcast Flag that was recently struck down by a Court of Appeals as not within the FCC’s jurisdiction may become law this week after it was tacked onto an appropriations bill. This has very serious implications on the future of all media content. The flag would allow content creators to specify how you are allowed to use their content that you acquired legally. They could specify that you can only view it once after you record it, for instance… presumably unless you pay them to watch it a second time. All devices sold in this country would have to abide by the flag. If you care about your right to do what you want with something you buy, contact your local important people now.

One thought on “Broadcast Flag May Become Law This Week”

  1. First it was DRM that basically says you can only use it on this many devices and if you want to play it on this device you have to buy another copy.

    Now it’s DRM for over the air broadcasts. What ever happened for the companies working for the consumers. If this happens I hope every consumer would boycott the major networks that actually purposed this.

    The networks cannot expect to keep making these huge profits and to take away our rights so that they can continue to make huge profits is just wrong.

    I want my fair use back please.

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