Anyone who uses email regularly probably already knew this, but it’s official: spam is now two-thirds of all email, and in the US, it’s 83% of all email. Ouch! At my company, we already use blocklists to reject something like half of all email that hits our servers, and our customers are still pummeled with spam in their inboxes. Email used the be one of the relatively ‘easy’ Internet services to offer, and now it’s quickly becoming one of the hardest. If you happen to be a customer and are wondering what we are doing about it, rest assured that we are working very hard on some stuff to help ease the pain.

One thought on “Email sucks”

  1. Re: Spam
    Im glad DH is doing more to fight spam. However I feel that there is only so much one can do besides just blocking ISPs who are a major cause of spam. Look at Comcast for example, they dont block port 25 and people get viruses on their machines and they act as spam relay servers. Someone has to be accountable. The last mile ISP or even the user. If you dont care to protect yourself with anti virus software and yes there is free stuff out there. ie. Clam A/V or some ISPs even offer free anti virus software.

    Then there is the CanSpamAct. What did that do? It turned a lot of those spammers into scammers because what they were doing was illegal and they decided that it just makes sense to go all out. If you are going to make a law someone better damn well enforce it.

    Unless something is done about e-mail more and more people are just going to shy away from it. I find myself using Jabber more because I can send a message if a person is not online and it will sit in their inbox until they come back online. However Jabber isnt widely adopted by non-geeks.

    I guess nothing can really be done other than block ISPs that are big spammers which DH seems happy to do. 🙂

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