An ongoing technology project to create the US Military of 2010 is doomed to failure, or at least doomed to not meeting its time and financial goals and creating a lot of substandard technology. This seems to be part of a theme I’ve been noticing lately. Technology is supposed to be all about taking steps forward while minimizing any steps backward, but in our excitement to achieve what we think of as ‘the future’ we are pushing things ahead in a way that may be resulting in the steps back being greater than the steps forward. When you’re talking about a cellphone, that just means disgruntled and annoyed customers. When you’re talking about the military, that means disgruntled and dead soldiers. This gradual unraveling of our technological advantage may just become the undoing of the United States itself, but I wouldn’t be so bold as to make a claim that grand, haha.

Anyway, it’s interesting that all of this is happening in the first decade post ‘The Year Two-Thousand’. I think that means my old rantings and ravings about the importance of the turn of the millennium may have had something going on.