Gary Webb, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who reported on the connection between the CIA and the crack trade in Los Angeles, shot himself a couple weeks back. Those articles he wrote back in 1996 struck some nerves and several notable newspapers worked hard to discredit him and his reporting. They succeeded and his career was destroyed. Since then the bulk of his findings were have been admitted to by the CIA itself, but the LA Times completely failed to mention that in his obituary. Instead they took the opportunity to discredit him further. Sad sad sad.

One thought on “Gary Webb, R.I.P.”

  1. as mos def said:
    nearly half of America’s cities are more than one quarter black; that’s why they gave Rickey Ross all the crack
    16 oz to a pound, 20 more to a key
    a five minute sentence hearing and you’re no longer free

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