Half of DVR users skip commercials

“Forrester Research says that more than half the people with a DVR routinely skip commercials” … Only half? That quote is from page 2 of this great ArsTechnica article about the rise of product placements in tv shows. Being able to pause and rewind whatever show you’re watching is very nice but for me skipping commercials is THE reason I must have a DVR from now on. It’s freaky to hear that nearly half the people with a DVR do not routinely skip commercials. What sort of weirdos are these people?

One reply on “Half of DVR users skip commercials”

Skipping commercials is great, but for me THE reason for a DVR is season passes (or the equivalent). Being able to tell TiVo to record every episode of American Idol (uh, not that I watch that show or anything) regardless of day and time, following schedule changes, etc., is POWER.