Bill Gates seems to think interactivity will save the television industry. He seems to think splitting the television screen and showing text ads on one part and the program itself on the other will make everyone happy. Uh, wot? Like the writer of the linked article, I would be appalled at such a monstrosity. I already have trouble standing most tv programming and the times when I do watch TV, it is generally to NOT make any decisions. I already have to navigate endless ‘interfaces’ just to get through my day now. I don’t want to have to work for my mindless entertainment. I mean, c’mon. Like the article says, only better programming will save television. I feel like there has already been a bit of an improvement in the past few years, perhaps pushed along by HBO, and hopefully the trend will continue.

One thought on “Microsoft Doesn’t Get TV”

  1. Yeah…
    It’s true: only better programming will save television, and (to whatever extent we’ve seen it) that has only happened to some degree on cable. The big networks are fast becoming irrelevant (from lame sitcoms on NBC to shoddy political coverage on CBS, it’s pretty much a quagmire). I’ve pretty much given up on it.

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