The issue of network neutrality has been in the news a lot lately. Basically, it’s the concept that network access providers (ISPs, think DSL and cable internet) should be legally required to provide their customers with 100% unbiased access to the entirety of the content available on the Internet. Some of them want to be able to restrict your access to competing service providers. Voice over IP is the catalyst as many of the network providers also offer their own Voice over IP services. There’s a lot of misleading rhetoric being employed on both sides of the issue, but it is an important one for the long-term value of the Internet. The Save The Internet site is one of the main focal points of the ‘good guys’ side. There’s now a free song from a group of musicians called The Broadband aiming to bring people to the website and raise awareness about the issue. Similarly there’s an interesting video highlighting some of the main points involved. It’s worth watching.

(Sorry for the lame picture accompanying this post. The good guys don’t seem to have anything much better available.)

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