Parking Ticket Plans

The city of San Francisco has a corporate parking ticket program that bills companies monthly for their parking ticket fines. It’s intended for companies that do deliveries or on location services. The top three accounts in 2006 by dollar amount were UPS ($673,334), FedEx ($434,046), and Airborne Express ($140,845).

The idea of charging companies monthly for their parking tickets is a bit odd, but I see the logic in it. It’s just not possible for UPS drivers to find legal parking on every one of the 100 stops a day they make. It can sometimes take 45 minutes just to find parking for our Mini Cooper! Parking tickets are just a part of doing business in a major city and shaving off some of the human time needed to process all those tickets (UPS recieved 11,788 in 2006) just makes sense.

The SF Chronicle article has lots more interesting details.

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‘Just doing business.’ Instead of adressing the problem, they pay the fine. I often wonder if the approach taken by corporations is actually more expensive and rediculous than the actual solution. Of course, the bottom line must rise, despite the cost. I’m amazed that three weeks from right now isn’t on their minds. Or can it be? Who am I to make such an educated guess.

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