2 thoughts on “First Non-Governmental Manned Trip to Outer-Space”

  1. Okay, Poindexter, so when’re we gonna have our jetpacks issued?

    Naw, but I’m pretty excited about this, too. I feel conflicted, ‘cos I feel like there’re a lot more immediate problems at hand to devote resources to… As much as I love space stuff, it’s pretty much only become a means to deliver more commercial/gov’t satellites. Exploration is a distant second.

    Yo, G. Do you still have those Fuckumm zines? I’d love to see that stuff again. You should oughta scan ’em in. I was thinking about the Archie comic stuff we were obsessed with Back in the Day.

  2. I’m also conflicted about the exploration of space, but I guess it’s going to happen eventually. Most people talk about it in such commercial terms which makes it even scarier. “What a great place for a resort casino hotel!”

    I do still have all the old Fuckumm issues around somewhere. It probably is a good time to scan them in and bring them out for a new generation since this is probably the 10th anniversary of the first issue! … I believe it was 10 summers ago that I was sitting around with nothing to do and decided to start writing down random thoughts. Nice. I also still have lots of those Archie stickers.

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