The upcoming November launch of Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 game console is including a faked limited launch so prospective buyers all over will arrive to the stores to find the console sold out. Stores have been notified in advance that they are getting very few units and they will sell out. They are preparing ‘SOLD OUT’ signs in advance to display. This is a move to generate a media buzz for the unit and make it appear to be more popular than it really is. Deceiving consumers this way is pretty sad, in my opinion. Maybe we should all just not buy any of their Xboxes so they learn their lesson. Who’s with me?

One thought on “Xbox launch faking SOLD OUT”

  1. Well…
    I’m with you, though I wasn’t planning on buying an XBox 360 anyhow so it’s kind of easy for me (didn’t buy an XBox, either). As easy as Microsoft makes it to bash them in this case, this sort of trickery is pretty normal for the console gaming industry. Sony and Nintendo have both purposefully constrained supplies to generate buzz for their respective consoles, too. Microsoft is a bit more blatant about it, though – as far as I know neither Sony or Nintendo ever did the constraining on the retail level… Only in manufacturing. Anyhow, I too think it’s lame, and hope Microsoft falls on their face because of it.

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