I’ve had a couple of people mention to me that they have problems with their wireless connectivity in Windows XP, but I assumed it was just a fluke. Well, apparently not. Lots of other people have experienced the same problem, but of course Microsoft denies all fault. Anyway, the second page of that article mentions a work-around that seems to generally restore wireless when it isn’t working. From the looks of it, restarting the computer would also work, but would take lots longer.

One thought on “Wifi in XP really is problematic?”

  1. SP2 fixes lots of problems with the wifi it also allows you to save multiple keys.

    Another thing is it’s nice firewall features. + workgroups are quicker. We are upgrading some of the wireless machines to SP2 just for the workgroup and wifi features. I’d be worried about running a beta on a mac or linux box but with XP the beta isn’t going to crash anymore than the official release. 😀

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