My wife was watching Beauty and the Geek on tv the other day and I wandered into the room to see what the fuss was about. It’s actually kinda funny. It’s a reality show where they pair up some hot chicks and some dorky dudes and make them do things they would stereotypically not be very good at. The episode I saw the end of was the first of the season and there was a trivia segment. Each team would pick one of the two (the beauty or the geek) to answer a question. If the beauty answered the question would be something sorta technical or ‘real news’ related, and if the geek answered it would be something pop culture related.

My favorite question was when they showed one of the beauties a picture of a screwdriver and asked her was kind it was. She said, “There’s kinds of screwdrivers?”, and then answered “hand-held”, which I thought was a pretty good guess. The correct answer was “phillips”.

3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Geek”

  1. there are two kinda of screw drivers, plus and minus. obviously the plus ones are better and the minus ones should be used as ballast.

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