I love Guitar Hero. It is so insanely fun. I’m getting pretty close to a video game guitar virtuoso now. The makers of the game included some of the best guitar rock songs of all time and it totally makes the game. You actually kinda feel like you’re Ozzy’s right-hand man playing “Bark at the Moon”, and I’m always tempted to start growing out my beard when playing “Sharp Dressed Man”. Ok, not really. Also included in the game is one of the greats of guitar rock, “More Than a Feeling” by Boston. That one is Vida’s favorite song to play and I was shocked to find out she had never actually heard the song as played by Boston, or any Boston at all for that matter! How could she have missed out on such a major part of American culture?

Well, Sonos to the rescue. I have a Sonos music network at my house, and I love it very much like I love Guitar Hero. Maybe more, even. With said Sonos system I was able to dial up Boston’s first album and fire the first song, More Than a Feeling, to the stereo where it could be heard in all of its 70’s over the top stadium rock band glory. And glorious it was.

She hasn’t become a fan of Boston, though. She thinks the real version of the song sounds weird since she’s become so accustomed to the cover version that appears on the Guitar Hero game. Well, I guess you can lead a horse to water…

5 thoughts on “More Than a Feeling”

  1. Lynn and I love that game, too!

    Dude, I feel like we’re livin’ parallel lives, here… Sadly, Lynn refuses to acknowledge the majesty that is the first Boston album, as well.

    The next Guitar Hero has Van Halen, G’n’R, and Kansas! Woo-hoo! Still no AC/DC, though, and that fuckin’ blows.

  2. I’m trying to figure out if I want to pre-order Guitar Hero II with the red guitar and either a tshirt or a gig bag, or if I should just get the game itself. The gig bag is so freakin’ awesome. I have a wireless flying V guitar controller but it’s not super great. It looks awesome but it’s not as comfortable as the original. I’m not really sure why. The wireless part seems to work fine, though. More complete review forthcoming…

    Oh, and I’ve heard from an industry insider than the NEXT guitar hero (after II) will have downloadable songs. Oh my gosh!

  3. Lead a horse to water!!! sheesh.
    As much as I like playing Sweet Child O’ Mine on GH 2, I really miss More than a feeling. 8-(
    Its nice to have a video game around the house that we both like so much. And that we can play together – head to head!
    I personally am waiting for Led Zeppelin. Perhaps on GH 3???

  4. More than a Feeling is my finacee’s favorite GH song as well. GH2 disappointed me to such a degree that I haven’t bought GHIII. One of the fiancee’s bridesmaids did the packaging for Rockband and that looks like a winner.

  5. I still liked Guitar Hero 2 but it was a bit of a disappointment. I think Guitar Hero 3 is pretty great, though. I thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve got it on Xbox 360 so I can’t say how it is on PS2, though.

    I also have Rockband and it is also a lot of fun.

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