Tonight I’m stuck thinking about what I’m doing here on Earth. I feel the need to have a purpose but I haven’t yet found one thing that I feel like I can throw myself into for the rest of my life. Do you think perhaps I hope for too much? Is the world just not the way I want it to be?

I saw a talk by Cassidy Curtis, the guy who started Graffiti Archaelogy, tonight and it was inspiring to see someone so into what he was doing. He has a real love for Graffiti art and has found a way to chronicle and hopefully preserve some of it for the future. It felt to me like he has found a life pursuit and I was envious.

It makes me happy to look back on the things I have accomplished and it’s exciting to think about the potential of this technology and capital engine I have helped to create, yet still I want more… I feel that not all of my needs are being met. More and more I’m starting to feel like I may be looking in the wrong direction and that may be why I’m not seeing the magic staring me right in the face.