There’s been a big hullabaloo about Apple’s recently announced iPod Mini, a smaller and cuter version of the iPod that comes in 5 different colors. Everyone seems to think it’s a nifty device, but everyone is simultaneously whining about the high price. At $249 it’s only $50 less than the cheapest iPod, which holds over 3 times as much music. Ok, maybe $249 isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s still a nice step for Apple. Also, it seems like everyone is overlooking the fact that somehow Apple (along with Sony and a couple other companies) has turned consumer electronics into fashion accessories. People will buy iPod minis at $249 because they are small and cute and while white may match everything, having 5 colors to choose from is even better for the fashion conscious. $249 is fairly expensive for a single purchase, but lots of women buy handbags that cost $400 or more and even a geek like me owns a pair of $150 jeans. While I don’t plan to buy an iPod Mini myself, I think Apple knows exactly what they’re doing in this case (I still think they screwed up with the cube).