I bought two 8GB iPhones at the San Francisco Apple store tonight. I got there at around 8:30 pm and there was no line to get into the store. I asked one of the store employees, “Can I get an iPhone?”, and he directed me to go either ‘upstairs and to the right’ or ‘to the left and towards the back’. I chose upstairs. There was hardly a line (just a couple of people asking questions) and there was a stack of iPhones piled behind the counter waiting for me. I paid my money and the device some people had waited the better part of week for was in my hands. It was pretty painless overall and the people who waited in line better have some very good stories to show for it.

My thoughts so far… garsh it sure is beautiful. We just took them out of the box and cradled them lovingly in our arms for awhile before even hooking them into the computer to set them up. Ok, not really. The setup process through iTunes is amazingly quick and easy and the phone is working pretty much immediately. I’ve never known a cell phone service to work so well. I’m gushing now…

I’ll have to use iPhone (it’s weird to refer to it as simply ‘iPhone’, isn’t it?) for a bit to see how it stacks up against my trusty (if a bit unstable) Treo. I think there are likely some things I’ll miss about the Treo (like just holding down ‘v’ for a couple of seconds to dial Vida), but the email and web on the iPhone are leaps and bounds better than anything I’ve had on a mobile device before.

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