We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists is a newish indie rock band I just read about yesterday. I checked out their album, With Love and Squalor, and it’s pretty good. To me it’s not as good as bands like Spoon or Modest Mouse but it’s got some similarities and if you like those you’ll probably find something you like about it. I’m going to give it some more listens myself, as I really liked some parts of it but other parts not as much. The really interesting thing about them is they’re from The Claremont Colleges, where I and all of the founders of my web hosting company went to college. Even more interesting is the fact that the drummer actually went to our college, Harvey Mudd (The Claremont Colleges is a collection of 5 smallish colleges)! The article I read was actually in the Harvey Mudd periodical magazine. The issue detailed some HMC graduates doing some interesting things off the beaten path a bit.

Anyway, the music sounds like it would translate to a pretty good live show so if you catch wind of them playing nearby you, go check it out!

One thought on “We Are Scientists”

  1. Huh. So they really are scientists, then?!

    This gives them an edge over those poseurs in the Police. Not one of those motherfuckers is a real cop!

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