I’ve migrated my website from my tired old blosxom setup to this shiny new wordpress setup with a theme I didn’t design. This is the first time I’ve had a website I didn’t design and I think I’m ok with it. I’m not really a designer anyway. Please don’t make fun of me!

I’m going with this minimal theme (for now) because I’m hoping to let my super cool content be the design. You know, some sort of new age hippy “the content is the design” mentality. I guess that means my content AND my design will be sucky now. Heh.

3 thoughts on “New Site!”

  1. Simple design to balance a busy mind. Don’t worry, you won’t get made fun of until you actually start being controversial. So Bring It! Consider this a gauntlet.

  2. Hello there,

    Came across your blog via the dreamhost employees profiles pages. I love the wordpress theme you’re using here, and your gallery2 theme… If you can spare a moment could you let me know what they are please?


  3. The wordpress theme is White as Milk 1.0 by Azeem Azeez. The Gallery theme is called Siriux and can be found on Siriux.net. I think I modified it a little to be even simpler and more minimal.

    Yay for themes!

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