I spent about 3 hours of my Sunday afternoon in the emergency room getting a staple put in my head to close up a small cut I got when a 40 oz beer bottle smacked me. The bottle was thrown over our fence from the third-floor rear balcony of the apartment building next door. We didn’t see who threw it so the police can’t do anything. You can see the staple in the little picture. There’s more details on the Vidalicious.com coverage. We were having a great time for the few hours before the bottle attacked me so the day ended up ok overall. Not my favorite Sunday ever, but not the worst either.

10 thoughts on “Bad Neighbors”

  1. dude that sucks! what the hell is wrong with people? glad you’re ok. want me to come over and help you build a 400psi pneumatic 40 launcher that we can use to bombard your neighbors with?

    see you tonight at 111 minna. i might only catch the tail end of your set, but i’ll get there as early as i can.

  2. We’re thinking about building a metal roofed shelter in the backyard and handing out helmets to anyone who comes over to visit. That combined with the pneumatic launcher would be pretty effective I suspect!

  3. I think you should consider an anti-40 laser defense system that would be able to track incoming 40’s and blast them to bits before they reached a critical striking altitude.

  4. holy shit, dallas! you poor thing! that’s really scary, you must have a wicked headache. God knows why someone was tossing out a full 40 of liquor. it’s not something you generally drink when you’re feeling less than completely thirsty. i’m really bummed that i can’t come tonight to 111, i have to work evenings now and it’s really messing with my social schedule 😉 i’m sure the show will be awesome, and if people don’t clap you can always attack them with the missile launcher.
    ps-did they put the staple into bone? or what? whatever happened to stitches?

  5. I don’t really know what the staple goes into. I don’t think it’s bone… probably just whatever flesh I have up there! They numbed me first with a shot and I didn’t really feel it at all. I was surprised! I can’t wash my hair now, though. It’s been a few days and I’m feeling kinda grimey. My showers go much quicker now, though!

  6. jesus dallas. i’m glad you’re ok.
    i’m more surprised that the kind of person who would buy a 40 would *waste* a 40. i’ll let you know if you start getting weird. we all will.

  7. That sucks! At least now you can make up a story about getting hit over the head with a bottle in a bar brawl. That’s cooler than getting hit while hanging out on you back yard. Either way, I think you gained some street cred.

  8. Wow. That is so cool. Do you think it was an accident, or was this the work of a long-time nemesis? The odds seem extremely low that you would be standing in the precise spot where someone just carelessly chucked a bottle out his or her window. Did the bottle have anything in it? Like a message?

  9. Hello Dallas from the UK. I stumbled across your blog and can sympathise. In the area where I live, we have an ongoing problem with anti-social behaviour. I have started a blog about it to raise awareness, I’d really appreciate you taking a look sometime. I’m glad to hear you are ok, some people in this world are not fit to be called human.
    Best wishes from England

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