Last weekend a bunch of us were at a sweet Go-Kart racing track driving like the wind (I wasn’t one of the stronger drivers) and the radio was playing some nice modern rock through the loudspeakers to help set the mood. At one point during the radio broadcast we all heard a commercial for rental rims! I guess it’s for those people who need to impress people with the stylish rims on their Escalade only sometimes. I guess for dates or record release parties or something? Or maybe people rent an Escalade on Friday afternoon, get it fitted with rental rims, roll for the weekend and return it all on Sunday? It’s a mystery to me.

10 thoughts on “Rent-a-Rim”

  1. This gives you the option to change your setup when you get board of what you have on. Why Buy Rims If you might not want them in two months, or if you buy new ones where do you put the old ones, I Don’t have room for Loose rims laying all over the place. So while some people will have a pair of rims for six months, I will have changed mine at least three times, giving my car a cool new look on the regular.


  2. renting rims to own them is a good idea,some people can’t afford to pay 3,000 for rims right off top, so rent to own is a good thing,why not, people rent cars,furniture,etc.,

  3. We just purchased a nice shiny red Dodge Charger. As most of us will agree, the look is not complete with the rims, and since I got better things to do with $3000 cash I think rent-to-own is a great idea.

  4. Renting rims?!? OMG! I thought this was a joke till I googled it. No wonder some people are forever broke.

  5. If you really want rims, but can’t come up with the thousand(s) of dollars they cost, why not rent to own? That’s exactly what you’re doing when you take out a car, or a house… pretty much renting it until you’ve paid the amount in full. I say why not?

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