This was passed to me and I think it’s pretty nifty. It’s a pair of glasses that requires piercing the bridge of your nose to wear. This exact concept has come up (somewhat jokingly) in various conversations I’ve been involved in over the years and has now become reality. To help explain away the ‘extreme’ nature of these things, the creators said, “Paying … to have someone cut your eyes and shoot a laser in them (just so you don’t have to wear glasses) seems extreme to me…”. Viva la future!

2 thoughts on “My Glasses!”

  1. I imagine that in time a trend will develop where ‘practical’ body modifications such as this become more common and accepted.

    I’ve never had much personal interest in body mod (for myself at least – I’ve seen some pretty cool piercings, tattoos, etc. over the years), but I’d jump at the chance to have – say – a thin blue LED-like membrane embedded in my left forearm so that just a light touch will show the date, time and other information through my skin – almost like a glowing tattoo.

    Already, you see people walking around with cell phones clipped onto their ears and talkng as if it weren’t even there. It’s only a matter of time before someone tries to make one into a cochlear implant.

    Some day, body mods for aesthetic purposes could become the minority (though I don’t doubt that even the practical stuff will be made to look nifty, making it easier to sell).

  2. It’s just part of our evolution, Jeff, isn’t it? Hundreds of thousands years ago, the human being took a stone and made a weapon or a tool out of it. Then came wood, copper, etc. Now it sounds natural to everybody. As much as it will sound to the people of the future the use of bionic devices that add/increase/improve their capabilities.

    This only seems unnatural to those who are not familiar with our history and the way we evolve.

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