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Store Receipt By Email

I was at the Apple store in San Francisco today buying a digital audio cable for my new Mac mini I’m going to hook up to my TV (more on that later!) and I picked up a couple of other things as well. At the checkout counter I was asked if I was purchasing by credit card. The San Francisco Apple store has had an extra credit-card only checkout person just about every time I’ve been there and that was the case this time as well. The difference this time was that I was also asked if I was willing to accept a receipt by email and I said I was. The whole checkout process was then done wirelessly with a hand-held device sporting a barcode scanner, credit card reader, and a lcd touchscreen. After scanning in my items and sliding my credit card the device grabbed my email address from their database and I was told I should expect the receipt by email in about an hour. I wasn’t asked for a signature. When I got back to my office and checked my email I found the email from sanfranisco@apple.com with a PDF attachment of my receipt. Neat!

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