I just had an audio cd get stuck in my G4 powerbook (rev 2 667 Mhz, combo drive). It was a mechanical
problem as the OS still saw the CD and it tried to eject it but couldn’t. Most of the fixes I found on the
web were for problems where the CD didn’t show up at all. I tried rebooting with no change and I tried
squeezing on the powerbook case around the combo drive in case something was stuck or something. I then
decided to let good ol’ gravity help out. I first held the powerbook so the combo drive was vertical with
the slot facing straight down while pushing the eject button. No luck. Then I tried holding the powerbook
upside down and voila it popped right out when I pushed the eject button. Nice. Sometimes it’s the simple
fix that does the trick.

UPDATE: It turns out I now have to hold my powerbook upside down every time I want to eject a cd. It’s more of a workaround than a fix, I guess.

UPDATE2: More of a real fix for this problem is to stick a quarter in the cd slot opening a little ways and just twist it a bit. Don’t twist too hard, obviously! This worked for me and popped things back into place so it worked perfectly again afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Fix for CD stuck in G4 Powerbook”

  1. RE: Mac’s suck?
    I heard macs only have a 3 year life span, and are designed to go bad ASAP. And why does Apple advertise so much lately? I also don’t appreciate that they only have certain colors for their products, like coming out with a different color is so revolutionary. I still love Idallas.com though!!!

  2. Computers suck!
    In my experience, Macs actually tend to last a little longer than the average PC. Macs tend to be premium priced so they are made with pretty good parts compared to cheaper PC’s. Computers in general don’t last as long as they should and they break too much.

    Apple has been advertising so much lately for their iPod and iTunes Music Store because they are trying to dominate the market. They are doing very well right now, but it could all go away if a really strong competitor comes along. They’re trying to get a large enough share of the market that no one else will be able to catch up.

    You’re right about the color thing, though… haha.

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