Sony has launched their Connect digital music service. It boasts the largest music selection (bigger than iTunes?) and has the same pricing structure as the rest (99 cents a track, etc). It’s for Windows only and I think it uses their own proprietary ATRAC-3 digital music format and is playable on their own Minidisc devices.

4 thoughts on “Sony launches Digital Music Service”

  1. The funny thing is their home page says in the Flash intro that it’s “one of the largest” selections, openly admitting that they’re behind in that area.

    Competition is a good thing, but closing out the format and the devices is probably a bad idea if they’re trying to dig into Apple’s share. If all the record labels can get together and agree to distribute digitally, why can’t the tech industry (minus apple) get together to mount a united front of competition?

  2. their exact words:
    Ah, they don’t actually say ‘largest’ music collection… they say, “One of the most extensive music libraries online– a better selection than any other legal download service. If you love it, chances are we have it.” I guess they’re claiming to have more artists represented than iTunes, but not actually more tracks.

  3. I wonder how there selection is on non-Sony artists. I already think iTunes has enough artists for now. There are always things that I want but cannot find. Here is the #1 problem for most people including me. People need a way to discover good music. I try and listen to internet radio whenever I am in front of computer. The public airwaves just play the top 40. I run a music server (come on RIAA get me) and most of the stuff I find I like gets uploaded to me because people who download my music upload stuff so it’s in the same genre. I highly doubt Sony has anything like iTunes.

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