My pal, Tony, spent his lunch break going to see David Blaine‘s latest stunt, Drowned Alive. He’s living underwater in this bubble for a week or something and at the end of it he’s going to be chained down while he holds his breath for 9 minutes, breaking the current world record by 2 seconds. He’ll escape from the chains in the nick of time too, I suspect.

The ABC News story about it is kinda funny. People seem to think he’s a publicity hound and doesn’t deserve all the attention. Me, I like anything that helps us all remember to look up from the daily humdrum and check out the scenery blazing past us ever faster. Stunts like this don’t do anything to rid the world of disease, poverty, war, or fossil fuels but it’s kinda fun. It’d be more fun if it was a bunch of bikini girls underwater, but we’ll have to take what we can get!

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