I recently got my Mac mini media center set up and running and it’s pretty nifty but there was one nagging issue I had not yet solved, until now!

I have a Mac mini core duo (early 2006, 1.66 Ghz) hooked up to my Panasonic TH-42PD50U EDTV plasma as a media center. Out of the box, just hooking up all the wires gets you most of the way there but the overscan issue makes it so the picture is larger than the TV screen by enough pixels all the way around to be annoying though still usable. There’s software called DisplayConfigX that lets you set up custom resolutions for situations like this but it’s very complicated and I wasn’t able to make it work myself. Well now the magic of the Internet has allowed me to stumble upon the answer.

To help out any others in need of this same information, here are the settings I ended up using. It’s not a perfect fit for my TV but it’s very close and might be as close as is possible. I may try some other settings later myself but I am more likely to just be lazy and use what other people figured out.

My DisplayConfigX settings:


  • 1224 pixels
  • 136 front porch
  • 80 sync
  • 208 back porch


  • 690 pixels
  • 26 front porch
  • 5 sync
  • 29 back porch

Updated Jan 1, 2007 with my most up to date setup!

52 thoughts on “Intel Mac mini, Panasonic plasma, Overscan solution”

  1. Steve’s trick worked great! The path to this setting on a Sony Bravia is:
    Menu -> Settings -> Screen -> Display Area: Full Pixel

    Set your Sys prefs to Overscan and you’re good to go!

  2. Took a lot of fiddling, but I finally got good timings for my Mac Mini to drive my Panasonic TH-50PX60U in 720p and 1080i without the annoying overscan. Here they are for the benefit of others! – IM

    720p Timings
    Active 1248
    Front Porch 120
    Sync 80
    Back Porch 200 (1648?)
    Total 1648

    Active 698
    Front porch 18
    Sync 5
    Back porch 31

    Refresh rate 59.945

    1080i Timings
    Active 1888
    Front Porch 104
    Sync 48
    Back porch 160

    Active 1054
    Front porch 14
    Sync 10
    Back porch 46

    Pixel Frequency 74.250

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