Pan and his Pipes

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Hi there. I have no idea who this is, I was just looking for info on the MCCC at the old Liberty Tavern, where I received my introduction to real music in 1996…and there is a reference in an older passage here that references it. I guess I was just curious to see who this was and what your memories of that wonderful place are. My name is Brad. I was an Aid-Force brat. I hung out with Joshua Savageau, B.J. Moore, some of the guys who were in Jesus were acquaintances…any of this ring a bell?
Of course, I have no idea if you will even read this. I am on my third deployment to iraq, and was feeling nostalgic for Minot and DIY music…plus, I am a mac fanatic too.
I love the Pan photos, by the way.
Take care, stranger. If I don’t hear from you, thanks for the memories!

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