Fundamental turned out really well.
Thanks to all.

I’m really drained now. Yikes.

Maybe I’ll just recommend a website to check out…
How about… The Head Space Project. It’s
super cool, and the design is really nice. It’s one of those super overblown 86 bit color
graphics pages that wants you to have a T12 hooked straight into your
QUAD-G3 PowerPC monster workstation, but it’s something to learn from. Check it out.
And don’t worry, it’s not as bad as I say…

Oh yeah …I meant another girl. iDallas is a player!

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Sometimes, when I hear about some new bit of fighting between India and Pakistan, or I
hear about some new military technology that has been demonstrated by Israel, I worry.
I worry about the future of the Earth and about the future of the human race. I
guess it doesn’t really matter, but it really makes me wonder if I should be doing
something more directly useful. I sit here and I think and I write and I make
things that people like to look at and read, but does that really matter?

Am I having any effect on the the world at all? All of my fundamental
philisophical belliefs hinge on the fact that this world will long outlive me.
What if it doesn’t? That makes everything I think sort of silly. Should I
be shouting, “UTOPIA NOW!” in the streets? Should I be demonstrating
in front of McDonald’s on a weekly basis?

Aargh. So I sit and I wait, and I grow my hair longer.

Deep in the depths of my mind, sometimes I feel a feeling that seems
to be telling me that things might just be ok. If I just sort of sit and try
to feel the aura of the earth, it is sort of soothing at times. It feels like
maybe people are ok, and they have been programmed to worry a lot of extra worry
about things just to make sure that nothing really bad will ever happen.
It is hard to ignore that a lot of bad things have happened, but maybe we just
don’t know the meaning of the word ‘bad’.

I think if every person decided that things would be ok, then they would.
I have no logical basis for that sort of silly notion, but sometimes it makes
me feel a little better and sometimes that’s just what I need.

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