Beating. Beating. Beating. I haven’t really had much to complain about lately,
and it’s shown. I’ve been mostly just whining about mostly insignificant stuff
and making you all suffer through it. Oh, poor you! Whine, whine. Anyway.

Yesterday, I was the victim of some strange African disease or something. It landed
on me after I spent all Friday night rocking and rolling to some freaky-funky
hard-ass jungle vibez with some kids from my local preschool (those little guys and gals
can really party!). I was a bit more tired on Saturday than I normally am and I
ended up not going anywhere at all. I feel a little bad about that because I turned down
some offers to do some fun stuff, but things just didn’t happen. You know
how that is, right? Well, anyway, I ended up sleeping most of the day and
then going to bed early, too.. it was crazy! And then yesterday and I woke up at noon
or something, and I felt like sheeyot (that’s ghettospeak for poop). My head
was all achey, and I couldn’t really pay attention or eat that much, and I kept having
sort of hot flashes… I was hot, but the fan made me cold… I ended up huddling under
the covers with the fans blowing on me to try to maintain some sort of equilibrium…
Anyway, I’ve felt worse, but yesterday sucked.

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Wha-hoo! I’m glad I got that out of my system. I’m happy with the world again today.
Yesterday sucked, but that’s ok. Today is today, and that’s all that matters to me now
(picture me running, mostly naked, through a large grassy field with some dandelions
poking up here and there… I’m singing my loony head off, and you can’t help but
smile… as your lips part and your day cheers up, the scene pans out and you
can see that the field I am running through is actually a big grassy hill that happens
to be positioned on the top of a huge mountain that I have apparently just spent my
whole life climbing…) (woah, that’s a long parentheses bit) (woah, this is my third
parentheses bit in a row…)! Ok, I have rediscovered my deep love for Coca-Cola today.
I’ve been drinking it like there’s no tomorrow… my roommate’s gonna kill me when he
comes home and finds out I’ve been drinking all his soft drinks today!

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Today was spent among a group of interesting people. Time was passed drinking beer,
watching TV, cooking, and spinning yarns. It was an interesting group of people with an
even more interesting level of diversity between them.
I guess that’s what you can find in these parts. Diversity. It’s something that
you don’t miss until you’ve had it around you. Once you’ve had a really solid taste of
it, you just can’t go back, though. I guess I’m glad about that.

I really can’t stand the draw football has on my fellow Americans. I think it’s a fine
and dandy sport, but it is definitely a boys’ game. Accent on the game.
I don’t know how people can sit and watch it all day. Game after game. I think it’s a
national obsession. What does it provide that people seem to be missing? Excitement?

Maybe we need to work on making our work lives a little more exciting. Maybe some
contact near the copy machine or around the water cooler. A little tackle or two
never hurt anybody…

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This is a bit late because I stayed up really late setting up my brand-new cute little
linux box for my house! It’s called spitfire and I’m going to use it for local
cgi/perl/database development! I’m so techie.

Anyway, sorry for the delay. I hope you understand.

I’ve been listening to the new Beastie Boys album, “Hello, Nasty!” … It’s good.
I didn’t like it much on the first listen, but the complexity and the
texture are really coming to light with repeat listens. It’s more thoughtful than their
last two releases, but still is somehow reminiscent of the sound that made them
famous. Check it out. At one time in my life I said the Beastie Boys were the
“best band in the world today.” Now, I might change that to
“best band in the western world today” or even just “one of the best bands in the
western world today,” but they are still pushing the edges of as many musical styles
as they can get their hands on. That’s worth at least a moment’s consideration.

I am so irritated with Pacific Bell sometimes. Whenever I call their tech support, I
have to deal with a ridiculously complicated telephone menu system, and a slow and
unhelpful tech support staff. I’ve been gradually trying to
cancel as many of my Pacific Bell services as possible. They’re probably going
to charge me for it, too… another example of a bunch of fuckers.

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The world is crumbling around me. I can picture this hyper-dramatic, most-likely animated scene
of the earth crumbling all around me as I sit in my chair and type on my keyboard and stare into
my cathode ray tube computer monitor. All that would remain is a towering pillar of earth and
rock, with the roots of age-old trees sticking out here and there, freshly splintered like toothpicks
and me balanced perilously on top sitting on my small fold-up chair behind
my little computer desk and my Performance biking gloves.
I would be typing so feverishly that I wouldn’t even notice what was going on around me as the sun
fell behind a huge mass of deep red and grey clouds and the earth was consumed by a fierce fire.
I would be safe, miles above the pits of molten lava and debris where all the rest of humanity
was perishing at the hands of their own wanton self-hatred. And then I would feel a tap on my
shoulder and I wouldn’t notice at first and then I would feel a stronger, more insistent tap on
my shoulder and I would stop typing and the clickety-clacking that was covering up the sounds of
torment around me would stop and I would turn around to look up into the eyes of a loving and caring
demon and I would forget all about this madness I know now.

There is so much violence and pain in the world and still people like to see it on tv and in movies.
What is it about that? Why do people want to see the misery of their fellow human? Does it make
you think about your own misery (or lack thereof)? Does it just make you want to buy what they
show you in the commercials (to make yourself feel better)? Does it just make you want to cry?

So often I am frustrated when I am confronted with a slowdown in traffic, and then when I get to the
accident or whatever I realize that there’s no reason for us to be going slower… people just
slow down to see the real-life gore and guts. Geez. Get a life or something.

List Day:

ground beef, animal entrails, hotdogs, cow hormones, sunshine with a thick layer of smog,
apathetic young people, painful memories, regrettable actions, a tense moment with an opposing
force, a tense moment with an ally, an agonizing defeat that continues to destroy new thoughts
for weeks to come.

Well, something good about staying at home instead of going out on the weekends
(once in awhile) is that you can end up getting a lot of stuff done without even
realizing it. You’ll just be stepping around in your room listening to some tunes
on the radio or something, and before you know it, you’ll be picking up some random
extra papers, straightening up your shelves a bit, and just sort of generally cleaning up.
Then, you can do that for 5 or 15 minutes and then stop and sit at your computer and
send a couple of emails (perhaps apologizing to people for not making it to their
parties), and then you can get distracted and go watch a bit of an episode of South Park
in the living room for 10 minutes, and the before you know it you’ll be cleaning up
your room some more.

Also, I started a bit of a new section. It’s not going to be updated daily, but the
thoughts there are a little more thought out, if you know what I’m saying. It’s called
Special Sauce and it’s the secret ingredient you’ve all
been waiting for. Check it Out!

Something else about not leaving the house is that you’re stuck having to deal with eating
either the random stuff you might be able to find in your kitchen, or the food from
the same restaurants that are in your area that you tend to frequent. I guess that
happens at work, too, though. But for some reason, I eat worse when I’m at home.
I don’t know what it is. I just know that I end up eating a lot of fast food
interspered with some semi-healthy semi-fast food. Maybe it’s because I live near a
college and that’s just what there is to pick from. I dunno. Maybe I should start
putting more time into becoming a better cook. That might be useful.

Hey. In commemoration of our wonderful, amazing president, I have started a new
section of this wonderful, amazing website. It’s called
Special Sauce. Check it Out!
(if you haven’t already).

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One good thing that always comes out of a big confrontation between any group of
people and the authorities is a feeling of togetherness and some degree of unity.
People who are oppressed together stay together. Right? It’s not like ravers in
general have much to complain about, in general. They’re mostly suburban middle class
kids. The only problem they really have is boredom. They try to act as if they
are all some sort of utopian group, but they’re not. Occasionally, however, something
really messed up happens at a party, and for a little while everyone gets serious.
Maybe something real will come out of it. Just maybe.

I went to a big rave this past weekend, and somewhere along the way somebody who didn’t
have a clue about what was really going on freaked out and invited the police in. I guess
their job was to try to reestablish order. Things were pretty much ok before they
ever got there, though. I don’t think they needed the mean dogs or the tear gas to
deal with a bunch of little raver kids. Ravers are not a violent bunch by any stretch
of the imagination.

Probably the suckiest part was the fact that the party inside did not stop. It was
still going the whole time we were being forced gradually away from it. Lots of
people who had come to the party together got separated, and lots of people who had
come a really long way didn’t get in at all.

I don’t know who to blame. I don’t know if anyone really can be blamed at all. The
promoters could have been more responsive to the problem and tried to get more gates
open. The location could have been more understanding. The police could have been more
reasonable. Maybe we could have been less excited.

At any rate, a lot of the DJ’s had trouble getting in as well, and the party ended up
pretty much sucking, too. It was a big fat loss for all. I hope the promoters don’t
have too hard of a time keeping the estimated $180,000 that people paid to go to
their sucky party.

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Silly Poem Day:
Oh wonderous creatures of the moon,
hear my call tonight.
It is your energy and wisdom,
that will get me through my plight.

Turn your ears towards me,
oh fox and and the sea.
Because I am one bad mutha,
and that’s all I’ll ever be.

Silly Poem Day:
Death and Damnation
come out of my ears.
I wonder where it came from?
Probably that damn heavy metal music.

Torment and Anger
Burst from my mouth
When I’m waiting in line
at the car wash and somebody cuts in front of me.

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I’m back from SF. When we pulled up to my house at about 4am, we were greeted by a dog
that I see around from time to time. He looked skinnier than he had before, and he
was limping, favoring one of his back legs. On closer inspection, it looked like
his left back leg is dislocated or something like that. He might have been hit by a
car or something. That’s sucky.

He’s not mine, and I don’t really have room for a dog right now. It’ll
probably cost quite a lot to get his leg fixed. He’s awfully playful and


I like that feeling you get when you’re working on some problems with a close
couple of friends and you’re making a lot of progress, and you might actually
be coming up with stuff that no one has thought of before. The possibility
that you might accomplish something new and interesting is more than enough to
motivate you to keep the discussion going well past your fatigue point. The discussion
doesn’t stop until it becomes senseless ramblings. Then, after you leave, you find
yourself still thinking about the issues yourself. Inspiration has struck.

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iDallas Daily Prayer:
As a proud member of the Global Cult of iDallas (G-COID), you are asked to recite a simple
prayer every day at some point. It’s good to connect it to a daily activity, like
getting up in the morning, or going to bed. Here it is. You might have to
keep a small piece of paper with it written on it for awhile until you can say it from

Oh, iDallas, the giver and the the bringer of happiness,
Please bless me by favoring me today and allowing me to do
whatever it is I want to do so I can be a better person and
share my good fortune with the people around me.

That’s easy, right? Also, every day, you should ask for something that you really want.
You won’t necessarilly get it, but it’s good to want things, right?

Good examples are…
Please let me get a job this week.
Please let my family stay healthy and my muscles grow hard.
Please take this wart off of my finger.
Please give me huge pectoral muscles.
Please make my son gay.
Please don’t let another republican into office ever again.
Please make sure the sun comes up in the morning.
Please don’t let me go bald.

You get the idea.

I think it sucks how people flip out so easy about the littlest things. I mean, it’s sort
of funny sometimes, but even laughing at really dumb people gets old after awhile. I
just wish people would use a little common sense once in awhile before they
flip out. The best example I can think of is this whole computer virus issue. I mean,
get a grip. For crying out loud. They are not transmittable to humans. You are not
going to have to put yourself or your family into quarantine. It’s just a frickin’
little computer program. It tends to be actually pretty hard to write effective ones,
so most of them just do something sort of amusing to your computer like make it crash
or something (I always burst into hysteric laughter when my computer crashes).

Geez. Get a grip. (and use a condom)

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I met a new person at a party this weekend. I only talked to her for like 10 minutes,
but now I’m all giddy about it. I like how my day to day mood can be swayed by
the smallest little things. It’s fun, sometimes. I don’t let big things get to me
too much, so to make up for it, I overreact to the little things.

Fun for all.

Those freaking atheist liberal libertarian pinko communist bastards stole another one
of my ideas again. I’m so irate that I don’t even remember which one or where I saw it,
but boy was it ever a good one.

fuck a duck

You can’t even come up with an idea these days without some knucklehead with a Range
Rover stealing it and paying for his subscription to GQ with it.

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This blessing is at the expense of someone else…
I was at a restaurant with Fabio and Jorge.
Jorge wanted to apply some ketchup to his veggie burger. When he opened the ketchup
container, something strange happened. The ketchup inside the bottle leapt out,
aiming for freedom, landing in Jorge’s lap and all over the bit of the table
in front of him. It was funny. Something was definitely awry with that ketchup
container, too, because the ketchup kept flowing from it, right out of the top,
even after Jorge set it back down. I think maybe it was more than just ordinary
ketchup. I’ll probably never know for sure.

Why is that people have to be so selfish?

Case in point. When you’re sitting in a long line of cars, waiting for an
accident to be cleared up or whatever, everyone patiently waiting,
why do some people think
they have the right to just take the other lane (in this case into oncoming traffic)
and truck on ahead? Do they think the whole line of cars is just sitting there for
no reason? Do they think they’re going to stumble upon some secret path and make their
way onto freedom in the way of the open road? Do they consider for a moment the fact
that they will undoubtedly hit the same obstacle blocking all of the other cars, then
also have to turn around in a very narrow space (we were on a mountain road), or
back their way back to the end of the now longer line, and cause a little bit of headache
(and amusement) for everyone else involved?

I just can’t figure some people out.

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After a very late night out at a very cool party, I stayed up tinkering until mid-morning
before going to bed. Then I slept most of the day. I
had decided to get up the first time I woke up, and I did. And I found myself in the
middle of a ridiculously hot afternoon. Oh my… I thought I was going to faint
or something a couple of times… Even now, I’m sitting here in my underwear just
sort of sweating and radiating heat… Man.

Whoever pissed off God, make ammends or something so we can all sit in our underwear in
peace. For crying out loud.

Must-See Website Day… Every once in awhile I see a website that makes me rethink
what I’m doing on the web. I usually end up copying its style for a few months afterward
until I regain my senses. Every Monday morning, I’m going to suggest a web site
I think is way cool.

Nerve Magazine has recently been getting
a lot of press for their online erotica-focused magazine. Many people mistakenly
identify it as pornography. The primary focus of the site is sexuality, as opposed
to just plain sex. It’s fun for the whole family… well, it’s fun for him and for
her anyway. Check it out.

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Lately, I’ve been on this “isn’t it fun to talk about social gatherings?” kick. Today’s
no change. I went bowling at this place where this groovin’ band called
OOSoul (pronounced double-oh soul) was playing.
It’s hard to grab the attention of a bunch of bowlers intent on knocking a bunch of pins
down, but they did it. They’ve become a bit of a favorite of my circle of friends, and
if you live in LA, they’re worth checking it.

Bowling and Funk. That’s the way to live.

Today’s entry is a What if…? sort of beating. It really would be a bit of a beating
if this ever were to happen. What if the United States starting requiring
all citizens to fulfill some sort of football duty? You know, like how in
Ancient Sparta, everyone had to do some military duty? It’s true. They were very into
being tough and they were a military state, so everybody had to go through military
training, and also serve for a year or two. Crazy stuff.

So… I was thinking how much it would suck if everyone had to go through some
football training and then play for a couple of seasons to prove their devotion
to the country or something. Seems like a silly thought now, but just wait until it
happens. Who’ll be laughing then? Who else?… John Madden and OJ Simpson.

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It sickens me to know that we live in a world where people have been forced into feeding
on each other, both financially and emotionally. Each person must look out for their own
interests and only their own interests. That’s fine, but you must always keep in mind
that your own interests are tightly wound with those of other people. If you hurt
someone else, you are very possibly hurting yourself in some way. It may not be evident
until a long time in the future, and in fact you may never realize it at all.

I guess
some people would call a notion like this karma, but I think it’s more wordly than that.
It’s an extension of the you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back thing. When you help
people, they are more likely to help you in the future (or perhaps just refrain from
hurting you) and the more people who are willing to help you, then less likely it is
that you will find yourself in an impossible situation. Sounds simple, don’t it?

Anyway, in case this has never happened to you… it sucks to come back to your car in the
parking area after an event of some kind and find the window shattered and covering the
front seat, the dash ripped apart, and the stereo missing. It really does.

(it wasn’t even my car, but it sucked nonetheless)