tromping a la monde,
i wait and watch for memories
drifting on the glowing breeze.
the smell of acid rain,
coming down for days
leaves me drooling like a madman
and shouting about the horrors of nuclear power

I want to give up.
I can’t go on like this. I want to drop everything and run and hide. I don’t care why or how. I just don’t want to be here right now thinking about this.

And where can I go? I’m stuck. Can I walk outside? Sure, I could, but where would I go? Everywhere I go, it chases me. My captor. My enemy. My love.

I run as fast as I can and leap from the edge of a mountain, flapping my arms equipped with false wings and I fly for a moment and see the most wonderous things, and as I start to fall I don’t regret a thing.

These dreams I look to to guide me through my life hold something close to magic.

thinking about what the future might hold, my mind keeps racing around and around a short loop. how am i to know?

i would like to be easygoing, but as time goes on i realize i’m really not. so i guess now i should just try to figure out just when and how im not easygoing and notice when one of those times might be happening so i can do what i can to prepare myself and everyone else.

La la la.
Fun for la la all.
Whee go racing down the hill,
and wish we were alone at home.
But only so we could be immersed in a book about fairies and heartbroken fantasies.
Or maybe a tragedy show on television we could tell our friends about later.


karaoke cockatiels
spewing forth fame and flame
hoping I’ll notice, but I’m hopelessly drained.

terrorizing templates of faith and desire
reminding me to mind my member and remember my mind

captive audience in me

Dee doo.
Polka poo.
Riding up from somewhere new.
Tell me who my friends are and I’ll believe what they tell me.
No questions asked.

Elements have been exploding around me while others have been coming together to form wonderful new molecules and mixtures that I hadn’t thought of before. I suppose this is an ongoing process, but it is still wonderous to watch and learn from.

I’m heading to Connecticut with Jason for a wedding. I have a lot of weddings to go to this year! I think maybe the times they are a changing and all that.

The emotional girl got upset when I was beating her at Tetris the other day. I felt bad. I was just playing well that day. No biggie.

It’s ok now.